A Joint Venture is a mutually beneficial collaboration between two entrepreneurs that helps leverage each others audience to grow their business.

Revenue Breakthrough Strategy Session

Prepare to learn how to build long-lasting meaningful relationships that will single-handedly build your business beyond your wildest dreams!

Pure JV is the only Joint Venture (JV) Program that covers everything you need to know to take your Ventures to new levels:

Relationship Building
Structuring lucrative JV deals
Getting an undeniable YES to a profitable JV
Execute a JV promotion from A to Z, totally stress free!
Joint Venture Online Course

After successfully using Joint Ventures to promote my first online course I was asked by others how they could do the same.

I have spent the last five years teaching entrepreneurs about the power of Joint Ventures and how they can transform your business. I have now teamed up with the industry legend, Bill Baren (who has made over $30 million in Joint Ventures) to teach you everything you need to know to grow your business to a place that will lead to dependable revenue and a never ending flow of clients.

Sounds good right?!

If you are spending your time:

Chasing new clients

Educating the same leads over and over

Slowly growing your client base one client at a time

Stressing constantly about cash flow

Spending hours on sales calls

Spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere

Jumping from one task to the next

Working all hours and missing out on the things you love

If any of these sound familiar you are in the right place!

The key to rapid growth and success is to create Strategic Partnerships and Joints Ventures.
Its. that. simple.

By the end of the Pure JV program you will have:

Prospects potential customers/clients

Clients who you actually want to work with

A Steady stream of new leads

No More Worries step by step systems

Sales Deals that happen with little to no effort

The Right Systems to quickly create and deploy JV’s

Business Growth beyond what you could have hoped for

More Free Time to enjoy your life

When you have the precise “Know-How” together with a few “Effortless-Systems” you will be able to establish and manage countless profitable client and partner relationships.

The Pure JV 12 Week Coaching PROGRAM

Joint Venture Online Course

Here’s what you get (and what it will do for you) when you join today:

Full Pay Bonus – “Done for you” tech

Our team will set up your systems to make setting up and keeping track of your JV deals a breeze.

Decision maker bonus – The secrets to creating relationships with big players

The complete guide that will become the bridge between you and your ideal JV partners.

Tech and systems simplified

Everything you need to know to execute a profitable JV promotion broken down into easily actionable steps.

Overcome your fears and doubts with Bill Baren

Transform anything that’s standing in your way of making your Joint Venture deal

Million Dollar Money Mindsets with Bill Baren

Uplevel your relationship with money.

NEW Special just added! Pure JV Live

Join a virtual room with the best JV Masters in the world, and other potential JV Partners and leave the experience with a JV Deal or two… or maybe a dozen.

The Basics

What you know

Learn how to collaborate and create relationships with top-level industry leaders.

Who you know

Create an unparalled stream of qualified clients for your program without needing expensive ads or complicated funnels.

Booking the JV

Discover a proven system of how to always get a YES to a lucrative Joint Veture deal.

When you connect with like minded people, you open the door to exponential audience growth. And not only that, you’ll make some awesome friends.

The Community

Connection = Opportunity

Do you want to join our incredible community of awesome JV-ers (official term)?

If the answer is “heck yes!” let’s schedule a Revenue Breakthrough Strategy Session.

Joint Venture Online Course

Joint Ventures (or working with awesome people as I like to call it) is the best way to create massive impact, massive income and the single most effective way to grow your business.

There is no need to spend a cent on paid advertising, looking for qualified leads
or waste hours on creating complicated funnels.
Everything you need is all around you and that is incredible people doing incredible work.

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We have made this training simple following a three-step system:


Learn to make connections and book Joint Ventures using my step by step formula.


Build frictionless systems which make every JV a breeze and add value for your partners.


Act and start booking joint ventures which will attract your ideal clients and generate more revenue.

The Coaches


Bill and Charles have a combined 22 years experience in the JV space and have generated over $35MM in joint venture revenue while frequently helping their clients double to 3x their revenue.

Bill and Charles have a combined 22 years experience in the JV space and have generated over $35MM in joint venture revenue while frequently helping their clients double to 3x their revenue.

Charles Byrd

He’s a ‘SUPER-CONNECTOR’ with a deep background in joint ventures, lead flow and systems.

After building his skills and experience with major Silicon Valley firms, he switched his focus to showing entrepreneurs how to build relationships that deliver endless leads as well as recurring revenue.

His ‘mic-drop’ strategies have turned business-minded people into turbo-charged entrepreneurs who have all the right connections to make things happen, fast.

Charles is the ‘Chaos Killer’, helping businesses to find clarity and move forward in giant leaps through Joint Ventures.

Charles Byrd
Bill Baren

Bill Baren

He’s a coaching and business development INDUSTRY LEGEND who wears many hats… literally and figuratively!

He’s achieved world-wide recognition as a transformational business coach, working with over 50,000 people from 22 countries before selling his own multi-7-figure coaching company.

With a unique skillset that encompasses ‘offer design’ and scaling, Bill has created and helped others to create over $33 million worth of Joint Ventures.

Being certified as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and with the International Coaching Federation allows Bill to help conscious business owners to not just make more money but drive positive change in the world.

High value relationships lead to dependable revenue from endless qualified leads, but don’t just take our word for it!

The Program

12 Weeks of Pure Knowledge

Pure JV is a 12 week program that is a hybrid of high production video training and live 1x1 coaching calls with Charles Byrd, Bill Baren, and our expert program coaches.

We are focused on ensuring the JV strategies chosen are the best fit for your business, dialing in your offer to be irresistible and showing how to systematically book and execute Joint Ventures (following our exact steps, templates and using frictionless information management systems). Participants have weekly implementation assignments and access to the private Facebook group to share ideas and get feedback.

Want to learn more? Click here for Pure JV Program Success Stories from our Recent Clients.


Meet your coaches and fellow students before understanding how to get the most out of the program. You will learn about the different types of JVs and have the chance to decide which are right for you. Discover Million Dollar Mindsets with Bill Baren.


Learn how any business can create and price an irresistible offer that potential partners will jump at.


Get ready to take a deep dive into all types of joint ventures and determine the best way to introduce yourself and your business so people are immediately excited to know more.


You’ll get clear on who your ideal partners are and learn how to create a never-ending pipeline of potential partners. This week also covers the best way to respond to an introduction and gives you a small assignment to complete.


Learn to close your joint venture deals and the secrets to making every call a win with the help of strategic wording and follow ups.


The entrepreneur’s secret weapon to get organised (and stay that way) and plan your perfect day so you feel productive and efficient.


Kick-start your million-dollar habits with Bill Baren. Learn the essential online networking strategies to thrive in today’s world. You’ll also receive deal structure ‘cheat sheets’ to make creating joint ventures even easier.


Your final week! You’ll learn to keep things on track and make sure the JV ball never stops rolling.

We will show you how to tap into the limitless power of Joint Ventures to grow your business.

If you want to generate new clients, referrals and partnerships, sign up today!

Joint Venture Online Course


Is Pure JV for me?

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in Pure JV so much that we are willing to put our necks on the line for it. When you have done all the work and implementation yet you are not able to land your first JV deal, we will gladly refund you the fee for the program.
To make it even easier for you, we have extended the guarantee to up to a year of starting Pure JV.

Click here for Pure JV Program Success Stories from our Recent Clients.

Time = Money

What is your time worth to you?

If you want to learn how Joint Ventures can change your business and more importantly discover how many hats Bill Baren actually owns, let’s talk.

Joint Venture Online Course